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Welcome To Premier Tutor Academy. PTA is providing tutors at your own home. We have professional tutors of all Classes & Master Level Programs.
Welcome To Premier Tutor Academy. PTA is providing tutors at your own home. We have professional tutors of all Classes & Master Level Programs.

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Our Vision

Our vision is an all-
encompassing and dynamic one that acknowledges assorted variety and stresses the significance of conclusions dependent on balanced and educated premises rather than on superstition, feeling and inadequate comprehension of issues. Accentuation is laid on making a culture of deduction in the study hall and instruction is viewed as an expansive and complex procedure of obtaining both information and understanding. We try to make our understudies mindful of contemporary issues, both national and around the world, and their own job not just in building up a comprehension of these issues yet provoking a craving to make an interpretation of that information into dynamic duty and make strides, where conceivable, to achieve positive change in their environment. 


To develop graduates’ skills, capacities and competencies which enable them to live and work successfully in corporate world and in an increasingly diverse society.


LGS has best skilled faculty. They use their expertise during lectures and make their lecture more interesting for the students.

Education Program

The Lahore Grammar schools’ curriculum is designed to meet the needs of 21st century, of individual students as well as the needs of local and global communities.

Activities / Sports

Along with excellence in academics cognitively as well as organizationally demanding activities are arranged for the holistic development of students.


We provide opportunities to succeed

We have taken a few activities in the field of training in Pakistan, including the advancement of the performing expressions which we felt were being disregarded at incredible expense to our social custom and a more advantageous social milieu. LGS additionally lays incredible accentuation on the instructing of local dialects with the goal that our understudies build up an energy about their social roots and in the rich customs of writing and music of their province. We invest heavily in the way that network administration is a basic component of our program, where our understudies are urged to share their abilities and gain from the mental fortitude and versatility of those less lucky than themselves


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15 July 2020

Lahore Grammar

Welcome To Lahore Grammar School. LGS will be reopen at 15 July 2020.


school enviroment & technology

We do not believe in restricting education to the classrooms. Our philosophy of education is more comprehensive and aims at producing individuals with truly rounded personalities. While trying to equip them with the skills and knowledge required to cope with the challenges of modern life.

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